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Design Tips 1: Sofa or Sectional
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  • Design Tips 1: Sofa or Sectional

It is time to renew your living room. But do I need a sofa set or a sectional?

February 15, 2020| Tags:furniture guide,living room,styling tips

‘Well, I would like to get a sectional but I can get a sofa set as well.’ This is the beginning line of many conversations with our customers at Wayne’s Home. Like many of you, most of our past customers struggled to choose between purchasing a sectional or a sofa set, or a couch set. Wayne’s team came up with a few tips that should help reduce the stress and make your decision much easier.

First of all, a sofa set consists of one or two pairs of sofas. The sofas can be for two, three, four people or more. Also, you can complete a sofa set with a recliner, bench or even with a chair. On the other hand, a sectional (actually the real name is a sectional sofa, so it is another type of sofa) consists of two or more pieces of furniture that come together in a modular way. A sectional may have an L-shape or a U-shape. A sofa set is easy to reshape but a sectional may be harder to place, especially if you have a small living room. But a sectional can leave more space for other furniture and accents.

Of course, everything is up to your taste and desires. But, before making your decision, you should answer these questions in order to help shaping your mind:

  • How many people do you have in your family?
  • How many people live in the house?
  • Which type of a person are you; a party man, or just an ordinary lounger?
  • How big is your living room?
  • Does your living room have a normal shape, or irregular shape like an L-shape?
  • Do you use your living room also as a dining room or an office?

And there are many more questions like this. But the answers will help you to choose the most proper furniture for you and your lifestyle.

As Wayne’s Home, we are dealing with these types of questions every day. Just let us what you want and like, and leave the rest to us. Our experienced personnel will help you to make the best decision.

Our best seller Altari Sectional

Tara Sofa and the Singleton Arm chairs from England Furniture.


Your living room is the retreat you have after a long day; a place which you can design from a cool, contemporary room to a casual, cozy space. How do you imagine yourself in a living room, spending nights lounging together and watching your favorite shows, or a more reserved place to chat with friends, family, and your furry ménage? Consider how your family uses the living room before ultimately making your decision. Sofas can be used more formally, whereas sectionals tend to make a space feel more casual and cozy. 

Ardsley Modular sectional with chaise.


If you have to settle for an odd-shaped room and think a sofa and chair is your only option we have good news. At Wayne’s Home we are specialized in modular sectionals as well as custom-made living room pieces to fit your desired furniture to most rooms.  Yes, it is true that with odd-shaped rooms, separate pieces mostly work better. But if you prefer a cuddler chair or a chaise, Wayne’s Home can help find the best piece for you. But the first step is to carefully measure your room as well as the entryway and where you are planning to carry your new piece. These will help our expert associates to help you to find the best picks.

Finneran sofaby England Furniture is a great example of how symmetrical arrangements work well in a living room.


Not all of us are visual people. You need to carefully consider how you are going to place your sectional or sofa and loveseat in your room. Would it be a clutter when you place them in your room? Are you blocking the entrance of another room? Is there any place left for your favorite accent piece? If you are not looking to change your decor a lot and keep everything in their original spaces then a sectional might be a better fit for you. For the seasonal decorator then single pieces like sofa, chair and loveseat would definitely work better.

Traemore sofa by Ashley Furniture brings the farmhouse you look into your house with its generous, 91”L and 40”D, size.

Having said all this, follow your heart and choose the sofa or sectional that speaks to you the most. As always count on Wayne’s Home that we will do our very best to serve you above and beyond.